Radiators are needed to warm up your interior. Only the standard radiators in an interior are often an eyesore. You often assume that the heating that is simply installed is just normal. You often don’t think it can be done differently.

Below you will find 9 feasible solutions.

Radiator cover

The wooden radiator covers are well-known. These somewhat national or classic radiator covers hide the radiator. This is often used in older rural houses.

What many people don’t know yet are the sleek metal radiator covers. The big advantage is that you have no loss in efficiency due to the metal. These covers can often be ordered in all colors, sometimes even with a photo print. They hardly take up any space and fit on (almost) every regular radiator. With a few simple magnets, the covers are kept in place and with a nice, tight grid on top; the radiator suddenly stands out much less. Apply: When you want a fast result affordably.

Wall convector or freestanding convector

A wall convector is a heating system that uses hot air to rise. A fine package of central heating heated slats attracts cold air from below. This is heated by these slats and comes out of the convector as warm air at the top.

A major advantage of a connector is that it heats a room at lightning speed. Rapid heating also means your boiler uses less gas and the temperature in the room is much more stable. Compared to a radiator, a convector gives no radiant heat. So the outside of the device never gets hot.

A convector can easily replace an ordinary radiator and fits on the standard central heating network. The outside of a convector looks very much like the radiator cover. This is smooth and available in many colors. At the top is a grid.

Apply: When you want to print your energy bill in addition to a sleek design, and you want even heat in your room.

Convector well

A variant of the wall convector is the convector well. A convector well is built into the floor in-depth. You then only see a grid that is flush with the floor. This makes it a good solution if you have a beautiful glass façade to the floor. Also, the device heats up quickly and has the same advantages as a wall convector. Convector pits are available from 9 cm of installation depth. They can, therefore, be used in almost every floor.

Classic radiator

You don’t buy a traditional radiator for its efficiency, but the cast iron work and the atmosphere of such a device.

You can often still find real old radiators on Marktplaats.nl, but many manufacturers have re-released the classic models, which also slightly improved the efficiency.

Designer radiator

Just like with a traditional radiator, you can also make a statement with a design radiator. In the last few years, many new developments have taken place in this area. Young designers and artists have designed design radiators that you don’t even realize are a radiator.

A practical device can also be beautiful. A design radiator looks fantastic on a wall that contrasts with the color of the radiator. For example a dark wall with a white design radiator on it. It is a real eye catcher, and that is what it is meant for.

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